Hi Everyone!

I wanted to send a quick note to all and let you know that FINALLY, we are able to share “The Upstairs Cat” with the world! It has been a long time coming and I cannot express my gratitude to everyone who has helped along the way. Just go to our Shop and buy the book. We have reduced the shipping cost as a gift for your purchase. Or you can go to Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Upstairs-Cat-Rescue-Me/dp/099166521X but the shipping is more.

Either way, please go to Amazon to “Review it (http://www.amazon.com/Upstairs-Cat-Rescue-Me/dp/099166521X) so we can build an audience. The more reviews (hopefully all positive) the Better received we will be!

I have been learning so many things in these past few months about publicity and what it entails. Believe it or not, writing is the easy part. Selling and promoting, well lets just say it is a “business” in and of itself! I have been unbelievably lucky (thank you Google) to find the most AMAZING group of people who have been kind enough to help me through this process and I am grateful beyond words. A quick shout out to them all… “The Experts” at IBPA-onlne.org, Patricia Fry, Maryglenn McCombs, Carla King, Terry Doherty at The Reading Tub, Marci Kladnik, and the Cat Writers Association! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and belief in our books and the messages we are promoting.

I wrote the Rescue Me series to teach others the importance of kindness, yet I feel I am the one who continually receives this lesson and the true meaning of the word. Thank you again to everyone for their help.

Please go to our Shop and spread KINDNESS! Buy a book. Save a life. Educate a child.

Thank you to all,

Jaimi Ilama