Who We Are

At Open Door Publishing we are on a mission. That mission is to publish children’s stories with fun loving characters that will make every reader smile, promote self confidence, instill hope, teach courage, and show how easy it is to give back to our communities and the world.

We encourage Moms, Dads, Teachers, Mentors and Kids to “unplug” for a moment in time and share a story together. Open Door books are created to teach “life lessons” geared toward the young, but will also touch the hearts of every age.

We are delighted to announce our first series of books called “The Rescue Me Series.”

Stories told by a cast of light-hearted, life loving animal characters, including a plump cat, an oversized dog, a furry ferret, a one of a kind turtle, and a cuddly elephant. Each furry friend will take the reader and listener along with them on their wild adventures, as seen through their eyes. Learning a “life” lesson in each story that is delicately told with compassion and grace.

Some of the challenges they face include: facing fear, accepting change, abandonment, prejudice, homelessness, and saying goodbye to a loved one. Emotions we all face in life at some time or another.

Not only are all the endings happy but they have a special twist to boot. They turn the stage back over to the reader and the listener with “What Would You Do?” questions.

This is such a great way to open the door, start a conversation, and let the lessons begin with a sense of thought and responsibility.

The author of ”The Rescue Me Series”, Jaimi Ilama (a pen name that stands for I Love All My Animals) conveys her love for animals throughout the series.

Every story is semi-autobiographical, written from deep in her heart, sharing her own personal experiences and those of the many rescued animals she has given a forever home.

The back cover of each book shares a little bit of history about the main character, including a picture, and the inspiration for this story. Jaimi’s goal is to “open the door” to conversation, covering many real life situations.

What better way to promote “learning” than thru the eyes of an animal, pure unconditional love.

These books are a wonderful addition to any home and are made to be read over and over, with another interesting ending.

What Would You Do?

Bonus: A portion of all book sales helps to save a life (human or animal) in some way by directly going to a nonprofit specifically chosen for the theme of the book.

Thank you for sharing and caring.


I proudly endorse Open Door Publishing and their “Rescue Me” series of books.

As a professional educator for the past 30 years, I understand the importance of these books and how influential they will be to young children and readers of all ages. When children and adults read these books together, a stronger bond is built between the two, along with a greater understanding of the themes presented. An open dialogue between child and adult can ultimately lead to more compassionate and kinder human beings.

As a professional, I believe these books can impact our society, the world we live in and our community through the people who read and share them. The themes are delicately and age-appropriately addressed, clear and concrete in their nature, allowing the reader to easily and without confusion comprehend the subject matter with ease. The approachable and nonjudgmental protagonists are easily relatable, making the stories even more compelling for the audience as they see how characters deal with their circumstance with optimism, along with the resolution that follows. The stories shed a light on issues that are often not showcased in children’s books by acknowledging the difficulties that humans and animals face, including both similarities and differences.

The “What would you do?” questions at the end of each story in the series, begins a dialogue, assisting in an educational and thought provoking component, as it encourages children to express their feelings in a safe and loving environment without judgment. The questions motivate the reader to put themselves in the place of the protagonist giving them the freedom to answer from their own prospective. They are a tool to open dialogue as they begin to think of the world outside of their own.

Lastly, the philanthropic aspect that is attached to the theme of every story, and further discussed in the acknowledgments, allows the child to recognize that they have contributed to saving a life with the purchase of their book.

I urge and support the “Rescue Me” series to educators, parents, and children of all ages
for the stories they tell, and the moral compass they possess.

Randie Hauss

3rd Grade Teacher, Santa Clarita, CA

It is my pleasure to write a letter of endorsement to Open Door Publishing and their “Rescue Me” series of books.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I understand the impact that books such as the “Rescue Me” series can have on children off all ages and developmental stages. I highly recommend this series to parents and educators to provide children a story that helps them to find hope and positivity when dealing with difficult situations and emotions.

In my professional opinion, I believe these books can help children to identify and normalize feelings that they may struggle to understand through the stories they tell and the themes that are discussed. The subjects are developmentally appropriate, allowing the reader to clearly comprehend the subject matter with ease. The characters are easily relatable and provide example of how to deal with their circumstance with optimism that helps to develop resilience and self efficacy. The stories shed a light on issues that are often not showcased in children’s books, acknowledging the difficulties that humans and animals face in a unique way.

Furthermore, the “What Would You Do?” questions at the end of every story in the series, initiates conversation which in turn allows the child to express their feelings in safe and loving environment; without judgment. These questions can be used as a tool to open dialogue as they begin to think of the world outside of their own. Including a philanthropic component, noted at the end of each book, allows the reader to gain a greater perspective and learn a lesson in sharing and giving.

I highly recommend the “Rescue Me” series to parents, educators, and children of all ages.

Mia Collica